We are a group of adventure minded folks who make up a team sponsored by Vermont Bicycle Shop. We all live and work (and adventure!) in the Barre, VT area. We love exploring places by bicycle and with the support of Vermont Bicycle Shop we’re able to find and share new and interesting routes and places to explore in our area and believe it’s one of the best places in the country to live and play by bicycle.

About the team

All the members of the team are selected from the main trail building crew and volunteers of the Millstone Trails Association or other volunteer groups in the greater Barre, VT area.
As well as fulfilling the volunteer needs in our community we also seek to represent the adventurous and fun spirit of the community where we live. Our team is a well rounded mixture of seasoned outdoor adventurers and beginner cyclists. Our goal is to bring a unique voice in sharing places and adventures and make bicycle adventuring inclusive and accessible to everyone.

About our relationship with Vermont Bicycle Shop

Vermont Bicycle Shop has a unique approach to the typical “shop team”. Rather than sponsor a team of bicycle racers, Vermont Bicycle Shop has hand selected a group of people who they feel best represents their community in both service and recreation. They have chosen to sponsor the people who make up our team because of their adventure cycling interests and also their continued support to the community through volunteer work. Our team makes up a unique spectrum of individuals with the goal to best represent both the area where we live as well as the people that are our neighbors.

Why an Adventure Team?

We’re an inclusive group. When we line up potential team mates we probably look to the bench first. We want a group of people who believe in sharing the adventurous spirit as well as serving as stewards to the bicycle adventure community rather than competition.

Vermont Bicycle Shop set out to find ways to reward those people who are dedicated to improving the places and lives of the people in the Barre area. As well as those who seek to expand the use of Vermont’s amazing natural resources as a source of sustainable and long lasting coexistence and recreation. This began with offering the “pro racer” discount to a core group of trail builders at The Millstone Trails Association Trails.

Seeing a significant  and successful impact with this approach, Vermont Bicycle Shop looked to expand beyond the Millstone Trails while maintaining the same level of sponsorship with that group. With that in mind VT Bicycle Shop hand picked a crew of people who both volunteer at Millstone Trails and who also spend a good deal of the time adventuring around Vermont.

Our crew is made up of people who are both new to wilderness bicycling experience as well as multi generational of adventurers in the region. People like Kevin and Rauli Jacques. Their family settled in the area hundreds of years ago and have lived and adventured in the woods of Vermont passing on wisdom and upholding traditions from family member to family member. They are two generations in a long line of people who have recreated outdoors and truly represent the experienced Vermont Outdoors person.

Even though some folks are relatively new to the area, especially by the Jacques standard, they still share a common value with Vermont Bicycle Shop. They live an outdoors lifestyle paired with the want to be inclusive to everyone. You won’t find the “locals only” mentality with our adventurers or with our adventures.

You can read more about the team under the Adventurers tab.

Team Members and Adventurers

Our crew of Team Members and Adventurers are more than just bicycle riders. They are also reviewers and contributors to helping us all find the best possible adventures in Central Vermont.