From Bicyclist to Cyclist

While living in Eugene Oregon my bicycle was my main mode of transportation for a solid seven years. I biked to work and most places around town, average distance three miles. My bike was a way to get from place to place more quickly than walking. The thought of riding for pleasure or up a steep hill or for any significant distance was foreign.

Through being in relationship with my husband Darren for the past five years, I have a completely different perspective on biking, where it can take me and the gear that can help me find comfort on rides.

This blog, The Mechanic’s Wife, will share tips about riding challenging terrain, equipment to support distance riding, and strategies that I have found helpful as I transform from a get around town bicyclist to an adventure cyclist.

Where you look is where you will go – This is a great life tip on and off the bicycle. Use caution to keep your eye on the path you want to follow and avoid focusing on the ditch or before you know it, you will be in it.

My best friend – My wicked wide range 11-40 cassette. A cassette is a rear gear cluster on a bike. The bigger the range the more options for easier pedaling. The 11-40 cassette gives me an edge getting up hills and helps reduce self-defeating thoughts during a tough climb.


Counting – There are different strategies that I have found helpful when I am struggling to stay on my bike up a steep hill. Sometimes I meditated on my breath or the beauty of the moment knowing I will never experience this hill the same again. When I am in agony and need distraction, I count. One two three … twenty-eight twenty-nine… ahh made it.

Not that long ago I would do anything to avoid hills, now when I see one ahead I smile.


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