Recommended Places: Rickie’s Indian Restaurant in South Barre

By Ginger Cloud

Yes, Rickie’s Indian Restaurant is located in the back of a gas station convenience store… Yes it is delicious! The restaurant has a clean kitchen with genuinely kind people, this is an authentic Indian food experience. There is a small clean dinning area, however I have only ordered take out. I love Indian food! My favorite dish is the Baingan Bharta, a roasted mashed eggplant dish with seriously yummy spices served hot. I am generally able to get three meals out of a serving. It’s a great meal to split or bring home leftovers. The food is packed with flavor and has a bit of a spicy kick. We are so thankful to have access to Indian cuisine in this part of Vermont. We highly recommend Rickie’s Indian Restaurant. Additionally, the store has a full deli for anyone that would prefer a different flavor of food. Haribol! 

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