Granite City Fitness

This Winter I enrolled in a beginners spin class at Granite City Fitness. I had never been to a spin class before and knew I was in need of exercise. The class was a worthwhile experience and I highly recommend Granite City Fitness. The instructors are knowledgeable and kind.

The forty-five minute, eight week series met every Saturday morning at 10 am. The timing was convenient for me as I was able to help Darren open the bike shop at 9 then go off to class. Raegan Chaloux, the instructor consistently was full of energy and passionate about sweating!

The class gave me an introduction to spinning, a chance to get in at least a 10 mile ride, and I met some sweet community members. I must admit while I was in the class, I longed for the beauty and peace that comes with cycling outdoors. In fact I am sure I spent too much time day dreaming about biking a dirt road on a sunny afternoon climbing windy gravel, cruising down a freshly paved rolling hill, or just enjoying a straight away. Funny thing though, when I did get outdoors for a fat bike ride, I found my ride being coached by my spin instructor, “add resistance” echoed in my mind as I pushed up the snowy path, “take that resistance off” eased my body as i began my descent.

Being in a spinning class is a different experience than biking outdoors. I am confident the body and mental strengthening I experienced in that class will serve me for many rides to come.

PHOTO: Ben Gauthier, #VTBADV

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