The rides posted here might involve a little more than the average bike ride. If you are looking for something a little more traditional you can check out the Places to Ride section of Vermont Bicycle Shop‘s website. Rides from simple downtown loops to mountain bike routes around Millstone Trails and in between are found there.

The Vermont Bicycle Shop Annual Groton Adventure – An Easy Overnight Trip

Each year Vermont Bicycle Shop organizes a beginner friendly overnight bike camping trip to Groton State Forest. Meant to serve as an introduction to adventure by bicycle for all ages and ability levels. The article also serves as a supplement to planning your own first overnight adventure.

Hardwood Mount Loop in Reverse – A Single Day Adventure

Suffer with Darren and Kris as they explore the possibilities available in riding from Noyes Pond all the way up to Turtle Head Pond and back in a large Class 4/Jeep Trail adventure ride through the wilderness of LR Jones State Forest and Groton State Forest. This is an advanced level wilderness ride.

LAFS Radar Base Day Trip – A Single Day Trip

A grueling climb topping out around 18% grade to the top of East Mountain and the abandoned radar base.
A steep and long climb leads to amazing mountain top views and one of the most unique locations in all of Vermont. All accessible by bike with long sections of car free travel.

The Most Epic Overnight Bicycle Adventure in Vermont

Check out our amazing over night adventure to the abandoned radar base just outside of East Haven, VT. Filled with photos, maps, videos, and more. It was certainly the most epic overnight adventure of the year for us!