Reviews and Recommended Places

Here’s how this page works, if the article is labelled Review, it is an honest and critical look at a given product. It can mean explaining everything from why a product is a complete failure to an amazing can’t live without part of the experience and everything in between.
if it’s labelled Recommended Places, it because we reviewed and gave it our thumbs up. We require each recommended place to get at least a 4 star (out of 5) review. We are local to Barre, we patron these places often. If there is a listing here that ever falls below our Recommended Places expectations we’ll remove it from the page.
Our goal is to be a reliable and trusted resource.

Any time you travel it can be difficult to find familiarity and reliability. We hope you’ll find both when you choose to center your bicycle adventure around Barre, VT. We want to share with you our first hand experiences with everything from products to amenities like restaurants, coffee shops, places to stay, and places to restock outdoors supplies in our area.


Granite City Fitness, A Beginner’s Spin Class – 
Ginger’s never taken a spin class in her life. She also wants to keep up with all that bike fitness she put in over the last year. The beginner’s spin class at Granite City Fitness seemed like the perfect solution… 


The Dumbest Thing About Fat Bikes, or Help me Buy the Right Fat Bike! –
What is it with all these fat bikes with straight or almost horizontal top tubes?!? Seriously, it’s like these bike companies have never ridden a bike in the snow. Maybe this review is part rant too…


Recommended Places:
Rickie’s Indian Restaurant… and Gas Station? – 
Ginger loves Indian Food, and luckily just down the road from Millstone Trails (and our house) is one of the best Indian Restaurants in Vermont. Seriously, when do these folks get their Michelin Star?


Recommended Places:
The Cornerstone Pub and Kitchen –

A Classic American Pub and Restaurant located in newly renovated downtown Barre, Vermont. Craft beer, high-quality food and a smiling staff await you.


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